Saturday, January 23, 2010

Open House :)

We went to the open house today. We had been thinking about building a house called "The Woodbury", but when we went and did the walk throughs, we liked "The Vernon" much better! It is such an awesome house! I am so excited to get started. There is a courtyard, and inside there is a long hallway with windows that overlook the courtyard (that was Mike's favorite part haha). Here is a picture of the outside :)

The stairs

the kitchen

the master bathroom... i love the double sinks!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Building a house!!

Mike and I get to build our own house! I'm so excited. We are doing it through Mike's mom's work. :) They help get low income families into houses through a program called Mutual Self Help. This is where we actually help build the house. We have to do 15 hours of physical labor a week each, and this labor acts as our down payment. The house is approx. 2900 square feet (including garage). There are a few different floor plans that we can choose from, but the one that we are leaning towards has 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. I can't wait to start building! There will be six families building together in Ivins, which is about ten minutes away from where I live now, so when we get to move in we will already know all of our neighbors :) We just have to wait for a few more of the families to get completely qualified, we have to take a few classes and get everything closed, and then we can begin!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Crazy Work

So work on Sunday was pretty dang crazy. First, some crazy lady makes her family leave the restaurant without paying because she wasn't satisfied, even though they hadn't even gotten their food yet. So my manager runs outside to talk to her and she slams her car door shut and screams at him like crazy. And her poor husband is just standing there looking embarrassed. So eventually she leaves, and then a few minutes later she drops off her husband and drives off. haha. Oh my I wouldn't want to be married to her! So anyways.. after that.. some kid comes in and says he is meeting three other people. So he is sitting on the bench waiting and then he walks outside. Then he comes back in. Then he goes to the bathroom and when he comes out he is holding a lightbulb (That he actually stole from the restaurant bathroom!). He then walks outside, smashes the lightbulb on a light post, and proceeds to gash his arm open with the shattered glass! We had to call the police and they said he would probably need about 20 stitches. PEOPLE ARE FREAKING NUTS!


Shayla, (Our sister-in-law) and her two kids Annabelle (who is 2, almost 3), and Ethan (who is now almost 8 months) were staying with us for a while, and I had so much fun with them! They live in Texas with her husband Bryce. He is in the airforce, and they are stationed there. We miss them so much when they are gone! They are staying with her family in Salt Lake right now, but are coming back down to St. George this weekend, I think. I'm really excited :) I love those kids to pieces!

Cerrisse is pregnant!!

We were all so excited to hear that Cerrisse (Mike's sister) is pregnant!! She is now, I think, about 15 weeks along, and stil so so so SO sick! I feel so bad for her! She has had to do IV therapy because she can't keep anything down. She is actually going in for it again tomorrow morning. I really wish she would get better! I can't wait until she has the baby! She is going to be the best mom ever! She thinks it is going to be a girl... I think it will be too. :) Curtis is in denial haha. He wants it to be a boy so he can name him "Beau Dean Wood." YUCK! What an ugly name! hahahaha. Cerrisse would never let that happen though, good thing.
Congratulations Cerrisse and Curtis!

The Higley Family California Trip :)

This was the first night there. We had to stay at a really crappy campsite. You can see that Cerrisse was not a happy camper. haha.

This parrot took out my headband and all of my bobby pins! He also tore off the button on Cerrisse's hat! It was crazy!

On the drive there, Our tire blew out. We had to change it on the side of the freeway!

This trip may have had a rough start, but I had a lot of fun! I am so glad that I get along with Mike's family so well. :)

Our Honeymoon :)

We spent the next week after the wedding in Cancun, Mexico! I have been to Cancun three times and I am only 18! Is that weird? haha. I just love it there! We had so much fun! Relaxing on the WHITE sandy beach and listening to the waves crash on the shore is the best thing ever! Not to mention we got pretty tan :) haha. We would take night walks on the beach almost every night. It was perfect. One night we actually got to see baby turtles hatch and run back into the ocean! They were so adorable!

This is the awesome seashell I found!

The drinking age there happens to be 18... lol.


Our wedding took place on July 17, 2009 at Memory Grove in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was beatiful! Our photographer, Liz, did an amazing job! I am so grateful for all the help I had. Planning a wedding in Salt Lake when you live in St. George is really hard! haha. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have my mom helping me the whole time! Thank you so much Mom! I love you!
I am so grateful to have met my Michael. :)
I am so happy with him!
I love you Mike!!

We had Ruby Tuesday cater. :) Go Ruby Tuesday! Our food was awesome!


I've decided to give this whole blogging thing a shot. It seems pretty cool so far :) We'll see how long I actually stay at this.. haha.

Today I dyed my hair blonde (after many many suggestions from Michael lol). I am still getting used to it.