Thursday, December 22, 2011

WIW Ugly Sweaters!

I know I'm a day late for What I Wore Wednesday, but all day yesterday I wore scrubs cause I worked. And today I worked, but I got to wear my ugly sweater to our ugly sweater Christmas Party :) I got this awesome turtle neck and vest at the DI for 5 dollars :) This is me with some of my work friends Lindsay, Maranda, and Megan. Love these girls!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Losing People Lately

So lately, since it has gotten colder, we have had several patients at my work pass away. I think the longer I work there, the harder it is when someone dies, because I have gotten to know them that much more.

My job is hard. Sometimes, it's really really hard. But still, it's rewarding. I love it when someone thanks you for helping them do something they can't do themselves. I hate getting yelled at and bit, but it still makes for a funny story :) haha. Today, I met a new patient, and he told me to write my name down so that he wouldn't forget it, and to write "You're good" next to my name, to remind him that I was a really good CNA. How sweet is that? These are the people that make my job worth it. Worth the briefs, throw up, getting hit, getting sworn at, even getting peed on haha! It's definitely a bitter sweet job.

Anyways, the inspiration for this post came from the passing of one of my favorite residents on Wednesday. I'm not going to lie, this woman has called me names, slapped me in the face, told me I'm awful and that she is going to call the cops on me. She has even bitten me on my collar bone! Ha ha. But she was absolutely hilarious, and could be the sweetest thing when she wanted to be. I will really miss her.

Obviously, for privacy reasons I can't say her name or anything like that. But I'm sure most of my CNA friends reading this will know who I'm talking about. :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday Ten: Favorite TV Shows!

I was going to do this blog post last Tuesday, but I had a bunch of finals to prepare for, so I didn't get to it.

I got the idea from another blog, and now I can't remember which one. :( Oops. Ha ha. Anyways, whoever's blog it was did a weekly "Tuesday Ten" where you write about whatever you want, really. Ten things you love, Ten things you hate, etc. So today I am going to do my ten favorite TV shows. :) Gotta love Netflix!


This was my all time favorite show growing up! I used to come home from school and watch it every day! I love it! :) 


This show rocks! I used to be obsessed with Topanga's hair! haha. I could still watch this show every day. I wish it was on Netflix. :(


This is my new favorite! :) I have been watching it constantly since I have been done with the semester. lol. A friend of Mike's said that the main couple (Marshall and Lily) reminds him of Mike and I. haha. 


When I was younger, I don't know why, but I hated this show. I started watching it again as I've gotten older and I freaking love it. It's hilarious! Another one I wish was on Netflix. I want to watch the whole series in order :)


This is a great show! Super funny. I love the episode where Robert's girlfriend eats the fly! hahaha.

5. GLEE!

I am OBSESSED with Glee! I love everyone on this show! And I love watching all of the awesome performances they do! :) 


Better than Twilight. Sorry, WAY better than Twilight! :) haha. Damon is the hottest vampire on the planet! I sound like such a nerd lol. But seriously, I love this series. I even got my Mother in law AND Father in law to start watching it! 


My friend Bradie got me hooked on this show. You know how with some TV series, it takes a few episodes for you to really get hooked? I was hooked on this show within the first minute of the first episode! I love love love it! It's completely ridiculous, but awesome at the same time! haha.


Ok guys. Words cannot express how much I love this show. Honestly, I could marry Michael Scott. And I am so sad that he isn't on the show anymore! :( It just isn't the same. My mom got me a Michael Scott ornament for Christmas that talks. haha. Just shows ya how much I love The Office! It is hands down the funniest thing I have ever watched. I love everyone in this show. I especially love this picture! :) 



This is and I think always will be my number one show. I just absolutely love everyone in it, and I am so sad that they aren't making new ones anymore. :( I grew up on this show! :) It's just the best. I pretty much quote this show at least once a day. haha.

So there ya have it. My favorite TV shows! :) I'm sure they will be different next month haha JK. 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Photo Friday: A Tribute to DAD.

I saw on The Hollie Rogue blog that she does a "Photo Friday." I decided to copy her haha. I think that she usually takes pictures that day, but I am just going to talk about some older pictures.

If you don't know, my father passed away in 2007, when I was 16. He was an AMAZING guy. I know that people say that about everyone that has died, but seriously, he was. His laughter was infectious. He had the greatest personality of anyone I have ever met. It was hard to be bummed out when you were around him, because he was so joyful and full of life. I miss him more than I can express in writing. He was my best friend in the whole world.

My dad was very unusual, but in a good way. He was the type that thought the weirder, the better. He would always say, "nerds are people too." And he would try to be different. I loved him for that. He was so brave. He didn't care what anyone thought of him. I wouldn't have the guts to pull off half of the fashionable things that he did lol. For example: his hair. Everyone knows my dad for his hair. He was blessed with naturally curly hair, that he passed down to me and my sister (thanks a lot! I hate my curly hair). Anyways.. my dad had cornrows at one time. He also had dread locks. At one time his head was completely bald, like shaved with a razor. At other times he'd rock an afro. His hair had been almost every color of the rainbow. When he died, it was purple.

Here are a few pictures of the best dad in the world.

He and I when I was 15.

Wasn't he a stud in the 80's? haha.

I think I was around 2 or 3 in this picture.

He loved his SnowBird hat from Kelly! :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My First WIWW (What I Wore Wednesday)!

This is my first What I Wore Wednesday. :) I see a ton of girls do this and decided I'd try it. I orginially saw it on my sister in law Cerrisse's blog. :)

Anyways... Today I decided to go casual. :) Nothing like jeans, T-shirt, and Tennis shoes.

Shirt: Undershirt from JC Penney, T-shirt gift from Cerrisse! Volcom.

Pants: True Religion

Shoes: Converse High Tops! (My wedding shoes!)

I love being comfy :)

P.S. I have been having some stupid blog problems where I can't see the blogs I'm following for some reason. But people are now able to follow me so that's a step forward. Hopefully the other problem will be fixed soon! :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

LOVING The Posh Daisy! :)

My Mom in law and Sis in law have the cutest shop ever! I have blogged about it before but here are a few things that I have personally. :) Go check out her blog here. and her shop is here.

Here is my new headband! I love it.

They have recently been doing a lot of wire wrapped rings. Here is mine! Super cute.

Isn't it the cutest!?

Anyways. Just thought I'd do a little promoting for them :) go check em out!


They are lucky they are so cute.

Sometimes I want to kill my girls haha! They have been more naughty lately than usual. I think Zaeda is going through her teenage stage or something.

Zaeda dug under the gate in our backyard and keeps escaping! It's driving me nuts. Luckily, she doesn't go far away. The other day she got out and was just causually hanging out on our neighbor's front porch with their little dog. Today, my neighbor came to the door and had Zaeda with him. They just got a German Shepherd and Zaeda loves him! She went over there and tried to get in the backyard to see him haha. It was really embarrassing though because I had just woken up and I was in my PJ's and all morning ish haha. Oh well.

Now Cyra is a different story. She is just kind of stupid. Sad! I know. Zaeda is seriously the smartest dog I've ever seen. You can teach her to do anything in like ten minutes. Cyra is kind of slow. She doesn't pick stuff up right away. She was harder to potty train too. Recently, I took the dogs to Mike's work to say hi. We let them out to play for a while. Then, I put them back in my car and headed home. Not two minutes after being in the car Cyra POOPS in the back! I was soooo mad! She was outside for like five minutes and decided she wanted to save her poop for the car. I could have killed that little dog. haha. But she seriously has the sweetest personality ever! She will cuddle with me. Zaeda is more independent than her. Cyra loves me! Zaeda is totally a Daddy's girl, but Cy is all mine. I love her to death.

My kids are a pain in the Beee hind sometimes but I wouldn't trade them for anything. :)

Our first Christmas Tree :)

This is our first year in our house, and I was very excited to get a Christmas tree! :) Here it is!

Mike wants me to take off the bow, but I think that's the best part! haha.

Luckily, I'm not working on Christmas! :) I'm super surprised, but really glad. I am working Christmas Eve though. I am exctied because Mike's family has this tradition where we put all of our names together and pick a person to make a gift for. It's really fun and cheap! This year I got Cerrisse, and I am planning on making her something really cute. I hope she likes it! :)