Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Good times with my hubs!

Sorry! I have been a horrible blogger for the past while. Oops. Anyways... let's see if I can remember what has been going on.

Valentine's Day wasn't too crazy this year. We decided not to get each other presents, and we had gone out to dinner with Mike's family the Saturday before, so it was very low key. I worked a 12 hour shift, and spent the day telling all of my co-workers that Mike never gets me flowers because they just die. Which is true. He says he would rather get me something that will last, than something that will die within a week. Anyways... I came home from work and he did get me flowers! What a cute hubby. :)

Yes, that is a beer mug. I don't own a vase haha.

We also went and saw Chronicle, which was awesome! :) We went to dinner at Wingers too, which was yummy as always.

I just love him. :)


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