Tuesday, July 16, 2013

4 years down :)

So Wednesday is our 4 year wedding anniversary. It will also mark 7 years since Mike asked me to be his girlfriend. This is crazy! I can't believe it has been that long. Can I just say, I love my husband to bits and pieces. He is amazing. He still makes me laugh every single day, and I really don't know what I would do without him. When I see people now who are 15 and dating, I think, "They are just kids. They don't know what they are doing." But when I think back to being 15 and with Michael, I feel completely different. I know that I loved him then. He is the only person I have ever loved, and for that I am so grateful. He has definitely helped shape me into the person I am today. 

We have been through a lot. We had only been together for 3 months when Mike moved to St. George. We were teenagers in High School and my boyfriend of only a few months moved 300 miles away. I couldn't even drive to go see him because I didn't have my license yet. Who thought we would stay together? Probably no one. But we knew. :)

I pray that Mike and I will grow old together. Like really old. I want to die with him The Notebook style. haha. Except me not having Alzheimer's. 

This is Mike and I when we first started dating. We look so little.

Wedding day.

Us recently with our two baby girls.

Anyways. I love my Miguel so much and am so excited for what the rest of our lives have in store for us :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Girls, girls, and more girls!

I have been having girls days GALORE! :) I'm not complaining.
Last Friday a couple of the girls from my work and I decided that we needed a night out. ´╗┐So Ashlee, Maranda, Lindsay, and I went out to dinner at Red Robin, and saw The Vow.
The Vow was super cute! But we got to the movie right before it started and it was PACKED. We had to sit in the second row. By the end of the movie my neck was throbbing haha. But it was worth it. :)
Earlier that day Maranda, Lindsay, and I went to Maranda's and used her Cricut! It was super fun and I made my mom something really cute. Now I need to make something for myself.

I love these girls! :)

On Saturday my Mom and sister came down from Salt Lake and they just left today. We had tons of fun! We went shopping, stayed up talking until 5 AM, ate dinner at Sakura (yum!), and stayed up til 4 AM last night watching the Twilight movies haha. :) I'm so glad they came down.

Can't forget about my 2 baby girls! Love them to pieces.

Good times with my hubs!

Sorry! I have been a horrible blogger for the past while. Oops. Anyways... let's see if I can remember what has been going on.

Valentine's Day wasn't too crazy this year. We decided not to get each other presents, and we had gone out to dinner with Mike's family the Saturday before, so it was very low key. I worked a 12 hour shift, and spent the day telling all of my co-workers that Mike never gets me flowers because they just die. Which is true. He says he would rather get me something that will last, than something that will die within a week. Anyways... I came home from work and he did get me flowers! What a cute hubby. :)

Yes, that is a beer mug. I don't own a vase haha.

We also went and saw Chronicle, which was awesome! :) We went to dinner at Wingers too, which was yummy as always.

I just love him. :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


So I decided to change my major at the very last minute from nursing to PTA (Physical Therapist Assistant). Since it was so late, the classes were pretty much full. There is only one Intro to Physical Therapy class taught at Dixie, and it was full. Plus, they only teach it one semester so if I didn't get in this semester, I would have to wait a whole year. So I went to the class today and I got in the class! Yay! The teacher said since I'm ready to apply for the PTA program she will let me in the class. So I will be applying for fall semester this year. :) I hope that I get in! They only accept 16 students each semester, so I hope that I am one of them. Anyways, I'm super excited about it and just thought I'd share. Have a good day!

Friday, January 6, 2012


So when I first got on Pinterest I was like, "Why does everyone love this so much?" I'm still not like super crazy about it, but they do have some cool hair styles on there. I could look at braids for hours. Anyways, the other night I came across this one and decided to try it out. I thought it looked really cute! So here is the post I found (Sorry it's blurry):

And here is how mine turned out. :) You do what is called a reverse french braid, where instead of crossing the pieces over each other, you cross them under each other, if that makes sense lol. Anyways, it was super easy and fast and I love the way it looks!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

No more soda.

I went a long time without drinking soda. For some reason, I started drinking it again a while back. It got to the point where I would be driving to Maverik on my lunch break and getting an extra large coke every day that I worked.

This semester, I took a Physiology class and a Physiology Lab class. In my lab class, my teacher brought in these test tubes filled with sugar, and they showed how much sugar was in certain foods and drinks. Well there was one that was a 16 ounce soda, and the tube was completely full. And that was only 16 ounces. So that got me thinking, and I decided to make my it my New Year's resolution to stop drinking soda. :) I am also going to try to drink more water, because I am very bad at that. I have had kidney stones once before, and I do not want that to happen again!


Hello and Happy New Year! My sister in law Cerrisse is doing a HUGE giveaway over on her blog The Posh Daisy and I am featured in it! So go enter! :) It is one person take all, and there is a ton of cool stuff to win. Good luck!