Friday, December 16, 2011

Losing People Lately

So lately, since it has gotten colder, we have had several patients at my work pass away. I think the longer I work there, the harder it is when someone dies, because I have gotten to know them that much more.

My job is hard. Sometimes, it's really really hard. But still, it's rewarding. I love it when someone thanks you for helping them do something they can't do themselves. I hate getting yelled at and bit, but it still makes for a funny story :) haha. Today, I met a new patient, and he told me to write my name down so that he wouldn't forget it, and to write "You're good" next to my name, to remind him that I was a really good CNA. How sweet is that? These are the people that make my job worth it. Worth the briefs, throw up, getting hit, getting sworn at, even getting peed on haha! It's definitely a bitter sweet job.

Anyways, the inspiration for this post came from the passing of one of my favorite residents on Wednesday. I'm not going to lie, this woman has called me names, slapped me in the face, told me I'm awful and that she is going to call the cops on me. She has even bitten me on my collar bone! Ha ha. But she was absolutely hilarious, and could be the sweetest thing when she wanted to be. I will really miss her.

Obviously, for privacy reasons I can't say her name or anything like that. But I'm sure most of my CNA friends reading this will know who I'm talking about. :)


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