Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cerrisse is pregnant!!

We were all so excited to hear that Cerrisse (Mike's sister) is pregnant!! She is now, I think, about 15 weeks along, and stil so so so SO sick! I feel so bad for her! She has had to do IV therapy because she can't keep anything down. She is actually going in for it again tomorrow morning. I really wish she would get better! I can't wait until she has the baby! She is going to be the best mom ever! She thinks it is going to be a girl... I think it will be too. :) Curtis is in denial haha. He wants it to be a boy so he can name him "Beau Dean Wood." YUCK! What an ugly name! hahahaha. Cerrisse would never let that happen though, good thing.
Congratulations Cerrisse and Curtis!


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