Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Crazy Work

So work on Sunday was pretty dang crazy. First, some crazy lady makes her family leave the restaurant without paying because she wasn't satisfied, even though they hadn't even gotten their food yet. So my manager runs outside to talk to her and she slams her car door shut and screams at him like crazy. And her poor husband is just standing there looking embarrassed. So eventually she leaves, and then a few minutes later she drops off her husband and drives off. haha. Oh my I wouldn't want to be married to her! So anyways.. after that.. some kid comes in and says he is meeting three other people. So he is sitting on the bench waiting and then he walks outside. Then he comes back in. Then he goes to the bathroom and when he comes out he is holding a lightbulb (That he actually stole from the restaurant bathroom!). He then walks outside, smashes the lightbulb on a light post, and proceeds to gash his arm open with the shattered glass! We had to call the police and they said he would probably need about 20 stitches. PEOPLE ARE FREAKING NUTS!


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