Monday, December 5, 2011


They are lucky they are so cute.

Sometimes I want to kill my girls haha! They have been more naughty lately than usual. I think Zaeda is going through her teenage stage or something.

Zaeda dug under the gate in our backyard and keeps escaping! It's driving me nuts. Luckily, she doesn't go far away. The other day she got out and was just causually hanging out on our neighbor's front porch with their little dog. Today, my neighbor came to the door and had Zaeda with him. They just got a German Shepherd and Zaeda loves him! She went over there and tried to get in the backyard to see him haha. It was really embarrassing though because I had just woken up and I was in my PJ's and all morning ish haha. Oh well.

Now Cyra is a different story. She is just kind of stupid. Sad! I know. Zaeda is seriously the smartest dog I've ever seen. You can teach her to do anything in like ten minutes. Cyra is kind of slow. She doesn't pick stuff up right away. She was harder to potty train too. Recently, I took the dogs to Mike's work to say hi. We let them out to play for a while. Then, I put them back in my car and headed home. Not two minutes after being in the car Cyra POOPS in the back! I was soooo mad! She was outside for like five minutes and decided she wanted to save her poop for the car. I could have killed that little dog. haha. But she seriously has the sweetest personality ever! She will cuddle with me. Zaeda is more independent than her. Cyra loves me! Zaeda is totally a Daddy's girl, but Cy is all mine. I love her to death.

My kids are a pain in the Beee hind sometimes but I wouldn't trade them for anything. :)


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