Thursday, November 17, 2011


I had a scary dream last night. First of all, I had a baby. And the same day I had her she started walking haha. She must have been a genius baby. Anyways. I was at some house with my baby and the Joker from Batman came in and took her. And then he kept coming back and trying to kill me. So I was all alone in this huge house, and for some dumb reason I kept all the lights off and all of the doors unlocked. Ha ha. So the Joker was chasing me around and I ran into the closet and tried to keep the door closed, but he opened it, and it turns out it was just Mike playing a joke on me! haha. What a mean husband.

After that whole fiasco, I realized that I had to study for a test. (I have a test today). I didn't have enough time to study so I just had to hurry and go take it, and I did really bad on it. I hate having stressful school dreams. It's so annoying haha.

Anyways. That's my weird dream from last night. :) Have a nice day!


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