Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Story of Us. :)

Alright. I was looking at my sister-in-law's blog and she has the story of how she met her husband on there, and it was way cute! So I'm going to copy her and do the same thing. haha.

Mike and I met when I was 15 and he was 17. Actually, we had met before that, but that was the first time we actually hung out together. I have known his sister Breanne since I was in first grade. friend Laura called me one day and asked if I wanted to go to a movie with her and a bunch of other people, and I said yes. Since we were only 15, we coudn't drive, so Mike agreed to take us. I went over to Breanne's house for the first time, and when I walked into Mike's room, he made me turn around and leave. So I did, and when he told me to come back in he had pulled his pants down haha. Just his pants, not his boxers too. I would have left if he had done that hahah! Mike is such a weirdo. Anyways. He drove us to the movies and stayed and watched it with us. We saw Tokyo Drift lol. I was sitting by my friend Shelby and Mike convinced her to switch him seats so he could sit by me. After the movie, we decided to go to McDonalds. I didn't want anything but Mike got a hot fudge sundae. I asked if I could have a bite and he told me to just have the whole thing. I said no I just want a bite, and so I took one, not knowing that he is a huge germ freak (he still doesn't share food/drinks with me). haha. So Brie told me he was just going to throw it away. I thought she was joking. Sure enough, I look over at Mike and he is throwing away the whole freaking sundae! Silly guy. We went to the park behind my house and I got really cold. He then walked me to my house so I could get a sweatshirt. What a sweet guy lol. We hung out for a while, then he took me home. Later that night, he found me and Myspace (lol) and we started talking. He was trying to convince me to sneak out and come watch a movie with him. I didn't (of course) lol. Anyways, I think it was the next day that he called me, and we talked on the phone for like 3 hours. Then, he came and got me and took me up to the Top of the World and we watched the sunset (aww). After that, we were together every single day. About a month later he asked me to be his girlfriend (actually he asked me to be his girlfriend like the day I met him, but this time he asked seriously) and I said yes! I love him so much and am so glad I have been able to spend all this time with him. I love that were were "High School Sweethearts" because you really don't see that anymore. People think that since I got married so young I have missed out on stuff, but I don't see it that way at all. I feel more lucky than everyone else because I found my other half so early in life! I don't ever want to be without him. Love you Mike!! :)


At November 13, 2011 at 9:10 PM , Blogger ThePoshDaisy said...

Awe what a cute story, see my brother really has a soft side. Why doesn't he show it more? ha ha


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