Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Radio Voice Man

Well, I can't exactly figure out how to post a video to my blog, so I'll just tell you how to get there if you'd like to watch it. Go to, search for raywilliamjohnson (yes, all one word), and watch the episode titled "Hump Like Bunnies." I know, the title is inappropriate, but if you just click about halfway through the video, you will see a man named Ted Williams. This is a homeless man who just looks downright insane. He is holding a sign claiming that he has an amazing radio voice. I know, weird right? So this guy pulls over, rolls down his window, and decides to spare the guy a few bucks to hear his voice. It turns out, this guy does have an AMAZING radio voice! Within 48 hours of this video being aired, Ted Williams was offered a job as a sports broadcaster and was even given a house. A HOUSE! In 48 hours! This definitely shows the HUGE effect that social media can have. I think it's awesome that this guy is getting his life back together :)
"Hump Like Bunnies." Raywilliamjohnson. 6 Jan 2011. Web 13 Jan 2011.


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